We are two guys who have been lucky enough to have taken early retirement and still enjoy good health.

In 2014 we, on impulse, purchased a caravan, something neither of us had even considered doing before. They have flushing toilets, a shower, full sized fridge/freezers, ovens, microwaves, televisions, DVD/Blue Ray players and surround sound systems. Was this really camping?.
In our first year we toured quite a lot of places in England gaining confidence.

In 2015 we broadened our horizons to cross the channel visiting Northern Spain and France for six weeks.

in 2016 we went on an extended tour of Europe for two and a half months – Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, France and Spain. We loved it!!

This year (2017) we explored the northern parts of Spain, the West Coast of France and then Cornwall, Devon and Wales which neither of us knew very well for a total of three months.

Whilst away, (and over two bottles of good red wine), we started to talk about holidays we had when hiring boats in our youth. We decided we would like to try this again and see if the two of us could handle a sixty foot narrow boat. A narrow boat on the Leeds/Liverpool canal was hired for a week and yes we could handle it because it felt just like a caravan on water but somewhat roomier. We decide to buy a boat next year.

A telephone to Rugby Boats to express interest in boats generally lead to the purchase of a beautiful narrow boat ‘Iron Butterfly’.

I am writing this introduction sat in the boat’s saloon in October 2017 having cruised from the boat brokerage to moorings near Rugby.

We are so happy travelling that we now intend to spend Winter in the caravan in Southern Spain and Summers touring the very attractive British canals and rivers. We may not spend much time in our apartment in York city centre so that may well be given up very soon.

Mike placed regular updates of our trips on his Facebook page which has proved to be very popular with our friends and their friends and who said they enjoyed following our exploits. So we have decided to put together this website which we hope a wider audience will enjoy and also place on it our thoughts regarding pubs, restaurants, and historical and other tourist sites which we visit on the way. We hope you enjoy the site and we can prove that life really does begin at 60 !

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