A ‘Break’ from the Sunshine

We have moved on from the Costa del Luz to the Costa del Sol and the Mediterranean Sea. We are staying at one of our favourite campsites ‘La Bella Vista’ just a short walk away from the beautiful Port Duquesa, a pretty marina with excellent restaurants and cafe bars.

We have been joined by our friends, Laurie and Catherine, for the last two weeks of our months stay here as they have rented a beautiful apartment on the beach adjacent to the port.

Not all has been wonderful though as for the first week of their stay we have suffered the tail end of Storm Gloria which means we have been subjected to a full week of rain. Happily, it is sun shining now and they will be going back with a tan. Storm Gloria has played havoc further north on the Spanish coast with very strong winds and torrential downpours. In comparison we have come off very lightly

We feel very sorry for our friends as they are only here for two weeks but for us, if we only get 7 dull or rainy days out of 90 then we can’t complain too much !!

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