Amazing engineering and visually stunning A7 between Nerja and Almeria, Spain

Today we moved west from near Malaga to the wild and rugged area of Cabo de Gata in the region of Almeria. We did the journey on the incredible A7 motorway which is the most visually stunning road I have ever driven on. This section follows the Mediterranean coast through the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mostly at hundreds if not thousands of feet above the sea. It cuts a path through the mountains and valleys in repeated tunnels and over viaducts the likes of which I have never seen before in such numbers so high in the sky or deep under the earth. It is an engineering marvel and toll free. The stunning natural vistas are eventually replaced by poly tunnels marking the fruit and vegetable basket of Spain. These are not as ugly as one would imagine and every tomato and most of the other salad produce you eat in Winter is very likely to have come from here. A day I shall remember for many years.

2 thoughts on “Amazing engineering and visually stunning A7 between Nerja and Almeria, Spain”

  1. We felt very safe as the motorway is so well designed and constructed also not too busy. We were pulling a 25 ft long caravan as well lol

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