American rail holiday – 1

American adventure 2013 – Chapter 1

5 June 2013

Up at 7am then underground to Heathrow. Found booking extra leg room is the best way to travel on Virgin. Well done Mikey standard Virgin would have been hell. We had a 10 hour good flight over Greenland and Canada seeing total Arctic landscapes down through the Rockies. Wow!

Gin and tonic, red wine, ice lolly, cobbler meal, sarnie, snack, and all really good. I watched Django Unchained and Jack the Giant Killer. Incredible long haul and we arrived just after 3 pm local time. My one comment to Richard Branson would be to please put a restriction on hostess sizes above a 14! Tanya was beautiful but a whopping size 20+ and didn’t fit snugly between the chairs and as a result she bumped and brushed and abused me with her hips for 10 hours. This of course could be a fantasy for some? Anyway, on a brighter note the boys were very pert 😉 so no complaints there.

Met the group and Nick the tour manager (we are soooo young) and got coached to the holiday inn. Room 1715 on the 17th floor in an earthquake zone. mmmmm. Showered and bought two muni travel passes and waited for a trolley cable car. Oh dear it had broken. 30 lovely 10 year olds descended on the stop and we chatted with teachers and kids, having had enough of that we got a bus to fishermen’s wharf.

Finding a restaurant to suit a fish free Mikey proved interesting and a little expensive. We found a great American diner ihop and it served great food.

We had a major “vicious” moment and reality check when I noticed Wednesday was seniors offer day for 55+. (We are soooo old) Shit, we qualified and to make things worse she didn’t need to authenticate our ages. So, the meal cost 20$. + tip, fortunately no one recognised us.

Next, the most amazing trip back to the hotel on one of the trolley cable cars, travelling on the side boards with great views of the bay, however, frottage with orientals and Italians was an unexpected perk as it was sooo cold.

Well earned bed for 10pm. 32 hour days are longer than you think.

6 June 2013 woke at 5am (1pm uk)

Alcatraz and a tour of the city today, then we plan a venture into the “Castro” district with lots of gays. :P. The trolley is mended and apparently goes to nob hill. Ooh err missus everything here has a double meaning.

Great breakfast at Chinese Joes with Anna . Everything including brown bread has so much sugar in it. Met Roger (a single gentleman) and Barry and June.

Nick was in the cafe eating and told him about our experience at the ihop, and apparently he qualifies, but, he’s younger than both of us. The tour turned out to be ok and the tour guide was very amusing letting us know that ihop was “international house of pancakes” walked down the pretty crooked street, marvelled at the golden gate, went through many areas. Chinese, Italian, parks etc. then we had an hour at pier 39 to wait for the boat to Alcatraz. (If we had carried on walking last night we would have found it). We had a very expensive glass of wine! Why when they ****ing grow it should it cost so much!? Not in France, not in Spain!

Alcatraz was really brilliant and with an amazing audio tour. I’m going to watch the film again when home.

Back to hotel on route 7 and trolley on California route. Off on a gay trip to Castro area (mike loves to explore lol) Fable was a restaurant that caught our eye and the gaydar worked very well. We tried Q and 4400 bar for drinks. I got sleepy around 10.30. Very nice we must return on a different holiday.

7 June 2013

A free day. Had breakfast as yesterday, back to room and off to explore.

China town was like china with strange things both dead and alive in windows including a crocodile leg with claws. Decided not to have Chinese tonight. Then on to the Italian quarter. Within 2 blocks it was a total change of culture.

The sun has shone all day we had a massive walk all along the pier fronts about 5 miles in total. Going back to Castro for a meal tonight (mike thinks he’ll pick up) saw Santa in a restaurant (it’s mad here) up at 5am tomorrow so an early night as we are off to Yosemite for a tour then staying at Merced.

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