American rail holiday – 2

American adventure 2013 – chapter 2

8 June 2013 (he didn’t by the way).

Travelled to Oakland to catch train to Merced we travelled on the double motorway bridge that collapsed in the earthquake of 1989 its nearly 2 miles long and we were on the lower deck. the train was a double decker Amtrak. Very smooth and air conditioned. Getting off into 100 degrees hits though.

We set off for Yosemite by coach rising 4000 ft over the journey. It took 2.5 hours but was it worth it 🙂 we then did a 2 hour trip in an open topped trolley around the park. We dipped our very trendy hats into the cool Merced river and wore them as they cooled our heads. this national park is breathtakingly beautiful from all angles. I did think 1000 ton rocks resting in the river must have come from somewhere and probably from the rock faces above (scary). Anyway we survived San Francisco we are becoming hardened travellers and a little falling debris never hurt anyone? Tomorrow it’s through the Mohave desert to Las Vegas. After we catch the train down to Bakersfield. Nice meal at Carrows then to bed.

9 June 2013

We had the best nights sleep and both awoke very refreshed. Breakfast at Carrows and as we qualified for seniors again it was great value at 20$.

Train from Merced to Bakersfield . Coach to Las Vegas through the Mojave desert. Panoramic views appearing all the time with beautiful soft and subtle colour changes in the layers of mountains in the distance. The journey was nearly 300 miles but passed very smoothly. Vegas first impressions are mind boggling. No windows, no clocks and no signage to exit on the ground floor would appear a little extreme but they obviously don’t want you to leave. I hope there isn’t a fire. We booked for “love” the Beatles by Cirque de Soleil.

It is so hot here that you can feel the moisture being sucked out of you. Contact lens and your mouth get dried out too quickly, you do get the impression they do that with your cash too if you let them get their hands on it!

Vegas has all forms of human life here. What a dreadful and wonderful place, trailer trash and mansions all mixing together. I’m becoming a terrible snob.

10 June 2013

A day in Vegas. Walking down the strip then back. Caesars palace is huge the Bellagio fountains great and the Luxor amazing. I visited the expo of the body with dissected people, fascinating but a little gory. Splashed out on a bottle of wine and cheese at the Bellagio, a piano player was thrown in. This is the life! It is so hot and dry. The Beatles “love” was amazing, proud to be a Brit and the music was a great tribute to the fab 4

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