American rail holiday – 3

11 June 2013

Nice trip to the Hoover Dam.

What a fantastic achievement although 9\11 has a lot to answer for….

We had to offload all our luggage in a hotel room 5 miles away as no luggage was allowed on the dam in case of it being explosive. Then on to Route 66 we stopped off at an old town Saligman that apparently was the town used as the basis for the film Cars.

Very strange things and memorabilia, but I had my pic taken with a huge cock lol. We are now in Flagstaff, Arizona at the Little America hotel. The change from desert to higher altitude is dramatic and it’s a little cooler here. The hotel is the best so far.

12 June 2013

A brand new bus today. Short trip to Williams to pick up the Grand Canyon train to the rim. Interesting locals and a funny shoot out. Almost at the rim. Very exciting to see this natural phenomena for the first time. Will it impress?

Yes. Sitting in the shade on a porch in a swing, great views to the right, Navaho Indian chants and music to the left.

Train journey back saw an elk. And bandits robbed the train. The Vikings do it better with rape and pillage lol.

The whole group went out to Black Barts cabaret restaurant. The servers sing very well (on the whole). Asian girl sang glitter and be gay. Awesome. Bed and up at 6am for set off at 7.30am

13 June 2013

Yellow Rock

We stopped off at one of the Navajo trading centres for breakfast. The waiter was a friend of Dorothy. Mmmm it gets every where. Mike bought 2 ethnic wrist bands. The shop had exquisite pottery with wonderful design and techniques. It’s a shame we have a baggage restriction ;(. The scenery changes constantly with soft mounds not unlike skate boarding parks, then multi coloured layered rocks with yellow grey then red, this is the Colorado plateau.

Rising up to the grassy top with delicate pink flowers by the road side. Again huge 30 mile vistas open up before us with nothing but a single road and the odd dwelling. Next turn and to the left a huge expanse of white cliffs, not unlike Flamborough head. All this scenery and most of the bus party are sleeping! Apart from David the driver lol.

Yellow Rock changes to John Wayne classic orange with sheer faces and dotted trees clinging onto bare rock. The ground gives way to sunken fissures.

These huge lumps of rock are monuments, natural statues and very impressive. Monument valley, the name says it all. Just left Arizona and entered Utah.

Lunch at Gouldings where John Wayne had a cabin. The Gouldings trading post was a lovely glimpse into the past and the interiors as they left them.

Stopped off at state park Goosenecks with the meandering San Juan river. I must get a satellite pic of the whole site. Amazing!!

On to the “city?” Of Bluff Utah. (About the size of Fulford). Saw our first humming birds at the two rocks cafe whilst eating the best Hagen Das chocolate lolly in the world yummy.

The scenery changes again to mountain and deep canyons the rock turning dull greys and ochres, the valley floor getting greener and the occasional nodding donkey collecting oil. White rocks with soft pinks and blues showing through, would be national park in the uk but somehow not as impressive.

Leaving Utah and entering Colorado an area called Montezuma. First rain to the left (in the distance). The landscape is softer, like a prairie but vast. A huge pointed monolith not unlike Disneys fairy castle ahead at probably 30 miles. Called Shiprock mountain

Majestic views of mountains that seem to have smocking at the tops and fabric flowing beneath. Through the city of Cortez.

Through a mountain pass and we have lush meadows and pine covered mountains only 20 miles to go to Durango and we are following a household on the road. Only in America! Long, long day and ready for a lay down and it’s only 5.45pm. Durango is a lovely town, we had Italian. Step ford wives comes to mind. And all American (except undesirables) town mmmmm.

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