American rail holiday – 7

21 June 2013

It’s our 37th anniversary. Train to New York 450 miles to our final destination. We have enjoyed this holiday so much we have met some lovely people. Arrived at the beacon hotel after 10 hours phew ;( went to a gay bar called the candle and we got a rainbow guide to local facilities, so that was a small bonus. Then went and had grotty food that makes yummy chicken a gourmet deli. Mike was very tired ;(

22 June 2013

Got up and out and went on the subway to time sq. picked up our tickets for Newsies and then on to VYNL for breakfast/lunch (a recommendation from someone we know). Back into Time Sq to ticket box at 1.30pm. Noticed half price tickets for Spider-Man starting at 2pm.
Wow what an amazing show and theatre. Apparently the largest on broadway. Back to the room and out again refreshed for Newsies. Had a drink on a roof top then joined Q to get in. We were centre front row. Wonderful shows today both with standing ovations.
Gay bar time now…… On to Posh for blue moon beers then pizzas. Taxi home what a great day.

23 June 2013

Lazy morning! Went to ground zero, had a drink and DISASTER! John knocked the video camera onto the floor. Mikes big finale is no more :(.
The new building is lovely but strangely has what looks like a mosque and minaret on top. Back to the hotel then a walk through Central Park. Saw squirrels and terrapins. 5th avenue down to Abercrombie and Fitch. There was a Q outside but they were not letting any more in. (Saved some cash as a result). On to time Sq and up to the view restaurant in the Marriott. Up to the 48th floor in lifts that were on the outside of a central shaft. Brilliant. Sat at a table with a poor view then realised it was a revolving so everything came into view. Had wonderful cocktails x2 and mike felt a little squiffy. The descent was better than going up. Must come here again (note!)
Onto Ellen’s stardust diner with broadway singers. (Some were very good and others need a reality check by looking in the mirror) it always amazes me how people want something so bad that they can’t loose a few stone to get it?
Food was good but incredibly rushed, (I asked for a glass of water to annoy them and take time to drink it)
Back into time square, Disney store to get newsies shirt, XL ok but no L for Mike:(.
Both decided to go back to hotel for a well earned rest before the journey home.

24 June 2013

Final day. Sleep in and leisurely packing. Had breakfast in the room then down to reception at 12 noon. Bus trip to the airport was busy and slow. Terminal 4 for home.
Got same seats on return but had an American girl on the window seat ;( 6 hour flight, no sleep. Nick treated us to Heathrow express first class tickets to Paddington. Finishing is style. However getting from Paddington to kings X with stairs everywhere wasn’t so good.
Had breakfast then caught grand central train to HOME!
All together an experience of a lifetime. Just checking the bank balances…….

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