Arriving in Little Venice

Today it’s a journey from Willowtree Marina to Little Venice along the Paddington Arm, over 11 miles with no locks. We had a boat full of friends and family with my sister and 2 nieces all with their respective partners.

Overall the majority of the canal was very pleasant and only small sections were grubby with loads of rubbish. There was lots of wildlife to see, Coots, Moorhens, Heron, Terrapin, Ducks, Swans and of course at this time of year cute chicks. The coots, ever resourceful, making use of the rubbish to create their nests with many making home in abandoned tyres. As you approach little Venice its cosmopolitan feel grows and canal side restaurants come into view. The basin and our mooring are perfect and at £10 per night probably our cheapest nights in London ever.

Paul admiring the boat

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