Braunston tunnel

Friday 13/10/17

Setting off our first encounter was the Braunston tunnel which allows 2 way traffic. As we enter we realise our main lights aren’t on and have to make a quick reverse back out. It turns out mike turned the bilge pump on by mistake. Problem sorted and in we go. My only other experience of tunnels was the Foulridge on the Leeds Liverpool. That was single passage and very dank, slimy and wet and small enough for walking your way through on your back.

Being a little apprehensive with Braunston tunnel was unfounded as this was fairly dry and our lights helped. Passing other boats was tight but exciting (4 in total) it took an hour. Out the other side and we start our descent on the Braunston flight of 6.

Timing was good as we shared with ‘Pea Pod 1’ making it a little easier than Thursday.

Into Braunston and into the marina to check a few things for next year. Service and covers. Midlands Chandlery next had a mega Friday sale of 20% off and we were relieved of more cash.

As we passed the Chandlery we entered the northern branch of the Oxford Canal, moored up for the night and went into the town, eating at the Boat House. They do a 2 for 1 mains meal”, highly recommended!

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