British countryside at its best

Today started off wet but as the day progressed the day got sunnier and sunnier ending in a lovely evening. This is to be the last section going up the Oxford Canal and we are heading towards Napton today.  We have quite a long cruise and no locks until the Napton flight. This section is lovely with pink and white may blossom everywhere. The banks and reeds were full of wild flowers – yellow flags, clover, wild roses, forget me nots, cow parsley, buttercups. The fields filled with sheep and newly born lambs. Cows, horses and even a herd of Water Buffalo. Swans, moorhens and Mallard ducks all with their newborn in tow.

As we head down the Napton flight into Napton the loud live rock band music fills your ears after the tranquility of the canal summit and the party at The Folly pub means we were not going to find a mooring. So, carrying on we stop a few miles further near the Napton bridge in a very rural area. It’s bank holiday weekend and all the hire boats are out. We now have secret signals and words to identify them. Better safe than sorry 😎

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