Thursday 12/10/17

We awake to condensation dripping everywhere. Lesson one – leave windows open for ventilation.

Filling up with diesel and water and replacing a gas canister £180 in total. Next the purchase of an anchor, spare bow thruster fan and seals for the toilet. £150 (previous owners????) and off we go on a beautiful day heading north up the Grand Union canal.

First went up the Buckby Flight of 6 locks deciding on an overnight stop before the Braunston tunnel. These were the heaviest lock gates I’ve encountered and what was truly amazing, we were sandwiched between many centuries of travel. The original Roman Road (Watling Street), the Victorian railways and the 20th century M1. (Interestingly the M1 traffic was travelling at the same speed as us ie. 4 miles an hour lol.) meal on board.

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