European adventure 2016 – 2. Cochem to Rothenburg ob der Tauber

European adventure 2016
York, Hull, (P&O Ferry – Hull to Rotterdam), Rotterdam, A. Cochem, B. Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Prague, Passau, Salzburg, Lazise (lake Garda), Verona, Vicenza, Padua, Venice, Siena, San Gimignano, Piza, Antibes, (GNV ferry – Genova to Barcelona), Sitges, Trèbes, Arès, Chataillon Plage, Guérande, St Malo, (Brittany ferry St Malo to Portsmouth)
15 April 2016
Big bro is 68!. Get up and pack for our journey to Rothenburg ob der Tauber. The mover is soooo good. We do a 180 turn and hitch up and go. Nice sunny journey down arriving at 3.30pm. All my panicking as to whether the site would be full were unfounded. A beautiful tranquil site with 3 caravans and a tent. The German and Austrian were very interested in our awning and kit. They recommend a couple of restaurants so we decide to try Reicheskuchenmeister near the church. Mike ended up doing all the set up because the Germans kept me talking. ????
After a stiff short climb up into town and the awe of everything here, we order Garlic soup for Mike with cordon bleu pork and fried potatoes and Apple wine and Salmon soup for me with pork shoulder and potato dumpling balls (wallpaper paste comes to mind) and sourkraut. We had to have the apple strudel mmm so nice.
Really enjoyed our first German meal out. Easier walking down to beautiful Detwang. We will sleep tonight if the bells from the church allow.
16 April 2016
It’s raining so late up then into town to shop. I make a raffi curry to have later. It clears up at 3pm do we walk up into town and walk around the covered ancient walls, amazing. This town is so pretty with great photo opportunities everywhere, back home for night, curry and drink. It was suggested we venture to village pub. Didn’t happen. Noisy rain throughout the night.
17 April 2016
It’s Sunday and just in case you didn’t realise the bells certainly let you know. It’s a rainy day till 3 ish. Everyone has gone and we are the only ones on the site. Cycle ride is in order as there is a good choice of routes around the area – we head through Detwang up to the town then turn of to Vorbach up a small lane with a tumbling waterfall running along the road. It seems quite active with last nights rain and looks amazing in parts. Up, up, up and then turn around and a great 2 km ride down, back to the village and out the other way. Great we did 8.5 miles, tea then mike falls asleep. Bless. Finish the curry then a long walk to Rothenburg along the river. Very nice we arrive into town coming up at the famous picture point. Two pints of draught beer at the restaurant hotel then a stagger home lol.
18 April
A sunny start and a sunbathe. Lazy day then out to supermarket for provisions. BBQ and salad followed by strawberries. Long walk into town along the valley and a drink. We enjoyed this town!

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