European adventure 2016 – 4. Passau, Salzburg to Lazise

European adventure 2016
York, Hull, (P&O Ferry – Hull to Rotterdam), Cochem, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Prague, A. Passau, Salzburg, B. Lazise (lake Garda & Verona), Vicenza, Padua, Venice, Siena, San Gimignano, Piza, Antibes, (GNV ferry – Genova to Barcelona), Sitges, Trèbes, Arès, Chataillon Plage, Guérande, St Malo, (Brittany ferry St Malo to Portsmouth)
25 April 2016
We check out and head to Salzberg. Mike says we were only charged €39 for 2 nights but we had food and washing costs that nearly added up to that. Turns out she only charged us €1.90 a night instead of €19. She has our address. We did pay.
We had rain, snow, sunshine, hail, everything and some superb views on the way down arriving at Panorama campsite. Wow it certainly is what it said, breathtaking. We set up right on the edge in a corner, beautiful. This site has everything, including 5* facilities. The weather changes so fast from sunshine to snow in seconds. We’ll enjoy exploring tomorrow.
26 April 2016
Up and off into town to have a look. We get the bus (a no3) and decide a Salzberg card may be in order, giving us free entry to lots of things and free bus travel. Up the funicular railway to the castle… the views and the audio description were amazing. Then into the town for a mooch and the Mozart house, we both enjoyed this immensely. Back home before the rain starts. It was heavy all night. Final episode of game of thrones. John Snow murdered ;(
27 April 2016
We decide the weather is not good so this will be our last day here before lake Garda. So, into town and John decides to go on the sound of music tour (it’s too gay for Mike) It was very, very entertaining visiting and being in the places that were filmed 52 years ago. It was great and Peter the guide a camp joy. Again we had sunshine, blizzards and everything in between. Mike cooked a chilli and a night in before early start to Italy!
28 April 2016
Big decision coming down to lake Garda in one day as it was 6 hours travelling. The scenery was breathtaking from Innsbruck to Garda and more importantly the temperatures increased all the way. We arrive at Camping Fossalta and find a pitch and choose 18. It’s booked says the Barry Benson lookalike.
He thought we were German so in the true English way he spoke louder when we didn’t understand. Finally I says “nine sprechen zee deutch bitter” and everything was lovely. We get on his golf buggy and head off to paradise, pitch 8b. Fab! Set up (mike is very tired) the concentration needed driving for that time takes it out of you. Warm weather and the scent of Mimosa is lovely. We are going to enjoy it here. Having a little walk we spot a very nice terrace bar on the banks of the lake. 2 wines €2.60, very reasonable. The sunset was beautiful.
29 April 2016
Up at late hour. Breakfast in bed then breakfast (bacon and egg) outside before sunbathing till 2pm. Then off on an explore on the bikes. North we go on the lakeside path that comes and goes, then a small push across some sand and we arrive in Lazise. OMG! It is a lovely old roman city (small) with harbour and cafes, the lot. Coffee stop to take it all in then onwards to bardolino. The cycle paths north of Lazise are better but a lovely ride 10.5 miles in total. Coming back mikes radar senses a lidl. We stock up for salad tea. Getting back we visit the terrace bar and have a bottle of wine which leads to pizza ARGGGGGG!!! and another bottle of wine – diet is ruined. Beautiful sunset again. We slept very well apart from the need for antacids.
30 April 2016
Same start as yesterday. We get informative leaflets from reception about buses, boats and cycle paths then head south to Peschiera. Another lovely day this time we avoid the pizza and have the salad as planned. The weather starts to break and we have a night in watching the Hobbit. It rains all night.
1 May 2016
Rainy day, not much happened apart from supermarket (lidl) run. Exciting times. Walked into town. The walk starts at the camp site just near our pitch. Down some strangely spaced steps, a gentle ramp and along a narrow stretch of concrete to 2 trees which make you go either side, along further and under another tree at 45 degrees which makes you duck. Into an open stretch with reeds to the left on the edge of the lake with all kinds of bird noise. A short bit further and a small area where a floating bar arrives. The next section reminded me of a lovely painting my brother has of a woodland walk, the scent of misosa drifts in and out as you walk. On to the next bit (around a sewerage plant????) and the view opens up with a jetty and boats bobbing on the water. More wooded path right on the edge and at the end of it we got to the beach sections.
We called the first part Swan bay (after my positively wonderful picture of swans at sunset) the sunset was the best yet, the next section was “boardwalk” then a full beach until you reach the edge of the town. The main walkway into the town with beautiful floral displays then under a medieval gateway. We found a bar to our liking Cortes with nice waiter. We try the Bardolino wine. Then walk back in the dark, trying to remember in reverse the walk there. A torch tomorrow, I think.
2 May 2016
Weigh in today. John stuck, Mike .1 on
We are determined to have success this week. Mixed weather but getting better. Walk to town to Cortes and try the valpollicella, much better though at €21 it should be. We find a camping shop and get a new kettle as the old one stopped boiling properly. Walk back with torch. Oh no! The gate by the beach is shut. We had to walk miles around the site to find the main entrance to get back in. The very nice guard said he would leave it open till 12 in future. We have massive step quantities today though. 20,000 plus!
3 May 2016
Got up early to get the ferry boat to Sirmioni only when we got there John hadn’t noticed the ‘A’ on the timetable which didn’t run today – bugger. We stayed in Lazise for a couple of hours then walked back after looking around the camping shops which gave us some ideas (see later). Very pleasant day . Decide to do the trip on Saturday.
4 May 2016
Market day today in Lazise. John walks in to get local tomatoes and strawberries. When they say market they mean it because the town was jam packed with stalls in every available space. Amazing atmosphere and the walk added 8500 to the steps coming back. Mike went in the afternoon to check out and purchase a lamp for the table from the camping shop.
5 May 2016
Day trip to Verona. Up and showered to get the bus to Verona. €8 return each and the bus stop is at the entrance to the site. It took one hour to the piazza bra right in the centre where the arena was (apparently this arena could hold the entire population of Roman Verona). A beautiful square with cafés and fountains. We have a coffee and a sandwich then off to find everything. If I was totally honest and why wouldn’t I be. Apart from the piazza and the old streets I was disappointed. We saw Juliet’s balcony (not real) and looked in a couple of churches. The herb square was lovely and some great buildings around there. We had another coffee and caught the 4.15 bus back. Pleasant, but wouldn’t visit again. Tea , then walk to Lazise for usual wine.
6 May 2016
Lazy sunbathing day today with a visit to Famili supermarket for provisions for a wide range of home cooked meals and salads. There was so much choice. Down to the terrace bar for last drink. Nice day.
7 May 2016
This time we get to go on the ferry to Sirmioni having triple checked the timetable. €39.20 (for 2) seemed a lot for the return journey, but from the shore you don’t realise just how big the lake is. Before we leave a look around the stalls that appeared on the front with everything Italian – tasting samples. We buy a large Parmesan cheese €14. Back to the ferry. It took 45 mins going around the headland with Roman ruins and arriving in a beautiful square.
It’s very pretty and up market looking at the number of designer shops. We wander enjoying the atmosphere. The ice cream and pizza places are much more competitive here. The castle with its clear green water moat is fairy taleness personified. John decides to have an ice cream picking the smallest tub. It comes back with a huge amount of liquorice flavoured ice cream and a guilty 20 minutes follow. Mike decides a pizza with ham and mushrooms. Crispy bottom mmmm. A very pleasant town and worth a visit. Sailed back to Lazise and find the very pink barber for haircuts. Mike first. Clippers, cutters and scissors then razors. A puff of talc and hey presto €20. And mike ready for the town. Me next. He didn’t speak any English so a wing and a prayer starting with “not too short” he’s off. Same routine then the beard. Sweeney Todd comes to mind. Mike couldn’t bear to watch so went off to buy a side table for placing our drinks on outside. Also doubles as a stool for visitors at the meal table. Shopping done then back home for home made spaghetti bolognese (square spaghetti) by you know who. Lovely. Down to bar for watching the sunset and wine. We should leave for Vicenza tomorrow but we decide on one extra day as Pat and Tim are arriving on Monday for a visit.
8 May 2016
Lazy sunbathing and catching up on the blog. Details disappear in the blink of an eye lol. We take down the awning and start to pack. A lovely green finch collects seeds and a mad blackbird can’t believe his luck with all the earwigs and beetles. Everyone seems to be packing up. It could be the end of a holiday period in Italy. We have enjoyed lake Garda a lot. Walk into Lazise for a meal then back in the dark.
9 May 2016
Pat and Tim arrive and we take them to Lazise for a look around and meal. We had a drink on the front, then pizzas in the restaurant we first visited. Very good. Drinks and nibbles when we got back at ours and then slept like a log.

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