European adventure 2016 – 8. Barcelona to Sitges

European adventure 2016
York, Hull, (P&O Ferry – Hull to Rotterdam), Cochem, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Prague, Passau, Salzburg, Lazise (lake Garda & Verona), Vicenza, Padua, Venice, Siena, San Gimignano, A. Piza, B. Antibes, C. A. (GNV ferry – Genoa to Barcelona), Barcelona, B. Sitges, Trèbes, Arès, Chataillon Plage, Guérande, St Malo, (Brittany ferry St Malo to Portsmouth)
7 June 2016
Up refreshed and off for breakfast. Showered afterwards and then lazy day walking the decks. We find out we are not expected to dock until 5.50pm :(. We could be very late getting to Sitges.
We hugged the Spanish coast for the last 3 hours and we tried to make out any of the places we had been to in our Spanish adventures which passed the time. 2.30pm we had to vacate the room so we tried to find somewhere to relax until we arrived at Barcelona.
Coming into the docks we noticed a huge cruise liner. It looked like the largest cruise ship launched last month in Portsmouth as it appeared to have a 10 story water slide on the back. It was the ‘Harmony of the Seas’ and it was massive and impressive though the balconies had the look of “the Matrix” or a honeycomb which was disturbing. We actually got off the boat at 4.45pm and we were told to follow a lorry out of the docks. Good job as it was a circuitous route and no sign of any customs until after a mile where a lazy spaniard in a customs cabin had no interest at all in us. We arrived at Sitges at 5.35pm ready to set up.
We found our previous pitch and set up on the same spot. The temperature is much drier than France and a touch warmer. This site is lovely but it does have some quirks lol. Stock up at a supermarket, meal, then a cycle into the town to re-acquaint ourselves with long lost gays. A couple of drinks later and a cycle home for a well earned sleep.
8 June 2016
Today we do washing and drying of everything. €28 for 4 washes and 2 driers seems a touch steep as we had to supply our own powder etc. But it’s done and we have a new wardrobe lol.
A trip to lidl and we discover not only a brand new lidl but a brand new Aldi. Heaven. BBQ chicken, salad, gazpacho soup, strawberries and cream. We are back on our diet after our disastrous weigh-in this morning. A walk in to Sitges tonight and it was lovely. We went to the Romantic hotel to see if it jogged our memory from 1985. It hasn’t changed one bit and we remember a pizzeria we ate at several times, on the way down to Parrots bar was still there. Taxi back and sleep mmmmmm.
Laurie and Catherine are arriving on Sunday a little earlier than planned. ????
9 June 2016
Another lovely day and I am catching up with this blog. The site is very quiet so, a journey to the pool is in order. Really lovely and hot. I have burnt the top of my leg as well wore trunks to swim 🙁
A small wine at the terrace bar on the site, meal then out to meet Lyndon and Digby on their honeymoon. Great night out and an introduction to el piano bar, and Backstage with an amazing female impersonator and vocalist who we did see last year. Great improvement in a year although the most uncomfortable seats ever. Then la Villa and taxi home.
10 June 2016
We meet the Digby and Lyndon on the gay beach and somehow get away with not paying 13€ for sun beds. I have a swim which was lovely. Meal in
12 June 2016
The Gunsons arrive today and visit us before they get their keys. We have an Aperol and nibbles at the camp site. We take them for a night out on the town afterwards. First drinks at the new apartment then we go to el Patio with D&L for a lovely meal then on to la Villa bar and Prestige bar (who proffered too many shots).
13 June 2016
We are all resting and recovering ;(
14 June 2016
Lazy day today with a cycle along the front into sitges for an ice cream and tapas. We then cycle to the Gunsons at 8pm for meal in their new residence. Great meal and wine and 7 hours later we head home (with a wobble) having apparently drunk 10 bottles of various wine.
We don’t believe this vicious rumour.
15 June 2016
Very lazy day today and into town for a meal at el fresco with Lyndon, Digby, Adam, Geoff and a Spanish chap who worked at el piano in York. Laurie and Catherine call off over too much drinking last night 🙁 the meal was ok but diet portions. I had roast vegetables with a sesame crunch which was delicious followed by terriaki tuna and the hottest wasabi ever. Mike had the roast vegetables followed by a chicken curry of sorts. It was a nice night except they kept the wine on another table and when they filled you up they barely covered the bottom of the glass grrrrr. 118€ per couple and I was still hungry lol. We were introduced to Casablanca bar and when Geoff entered they sang Grand old Duke of York. Then onto Queenz bar. Lovely red wine in both. We say our farewells to Lyndon and Digby, then head home
16 June 2016
Today we get picked up by Laurie and Catherine at 12.15 (soooo early), and venture off in the open top vw to Montserrat. It is called this because it looks like a saw with a serrated edge. It was a lovely drive over the mountain with spectacular views. We have tapas lunch in the old town and then decide to get the railway to the top. We have no idea what to expect. Wow. At this level (750m) there is another finicular railway to the top at 970m. The views were breathtaking. I described it as “better than the Grand Canyon”. However mike felt a little queezy on the last rise. All too soon we had to descend and continue our journey home. Collecting some groceries on the way. We decide to meet L&C in parrot Sq for drinks later. Pride has started and the town has a great buzz. Fabulous drag with pink outfit and amazing pink wig. We introduce them to Casablanca bar then la Villa the Gunsons head off and we go to Queenz bar. A lovely barman paid attention mmmm – midnight nibble (4am lol) then cycle home. We bump into Chris and Lee Boxall…..
19 June 2016
Up at 12. Lazy afternoon then a walk to get Laurie, Catherine, Didier, Philippe and Paul to go to the Parade. We walk down the front to the rear of the floats. I felt quite emotional seeing the excitement and pride we all had. The colours and feathers and muscles ooh.
It was brilliant but over all too quickly. We went for a drink after the parade then amazingly we got seats in parrots bar for another. El Patio for 9pm where Lee, Chris, Geoff, Laurie, Catherine, Paul, Phillipe and Diddier and yours truly were sat at a lovely big round table. The meal and company was good only down side was my steak was dreadful and tough. Onto Queenz then bed for 3am. We gave the night porter a tip for being very friendly.
20 June 2016
Up at 12 again and we get everything ready for our departure tomorrow then out for a late lunch or early evening meal with Laurie and Catherine. Had a drink and tapas at parrots then a walk to the marina via the nudist beach. The marina is full of very chic restaurants and would have a great atmosphere. We walk back after a drink at end up at the Boat House for a Thai/Vietnamese meal. Very nice, we get a taxi back after leaving Laurie and Catherine walking home hand in hand. Back for 12.30. We both really enjoyed Sitges this year especially with Laurie and Catherine, and Digby and Lyndon, Geoff, Lee and Chris 🙂

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