European adventure 2016 – 3. Rothenburg ob der Tauber to Passau

European adventure 2016
York, Hull, (P&O Ferry – Hull to Rotterdam), Cochem, A. Rothenburg ob der Tauber, B. Prague, C. Passau, Salzburg, Lazise (lake Garda), Verona, Vicenza, Padua, Venice, Siena, San Gimignano, Piza, Antibes, (GNV ferry – Genova to Barcelona), Sitges, Trèbes, Arès, Chataillon Plage, Guérande, St Malo, (Brittany ferry St Malo to Portsmouth)
19 April 16
Up early and pack ready for next stop. Another sunny day. We journey to Wakkersdorf and arrive at 1.15pm, the reception is closed till 3pm :(. Having a quick look we decide it’s not for us anyway and head off to the Czech Republic and Prague hopefully we should arrive about 5 pm.
Getting to the border you have to buy a 10 day driving permit. The buildings are a throw back to communist rule and very dreary. Still lets go for a p. How complicated can you make this? How about a cage you have to enter outside the shop putting in .50 euro or 20 K through a turnstile except it doesn’t take Czech money grrrrr. A German man was stuck in the cage and couldn’t get Finally, I get in have a p then have to exit into the cafe through a turn style. Inside there were 2 men and 2 women working sort of, all pretty but they forgot to let there faces know. Misery comes to mind. (Have we made a mistake?). Onwards, to Prague we get to the campsite and it’s lovely. Very helpful lady (no English) tells us someone will explain everything tomorrow. We gather there’s a shop in village and a pizza place. We set up (probably the best yet) and head off for supplies. Let’s say it’s all very different. We find the shop which is very, very basic and run by a Chinese couple and head back noticing the pizza place, civilisation? Yes, so we decide to share a diavalo pizza and a beer. Very good too. Back home for well earned rest after mike drove for 6 hours today.
20 April 16
Nice day today. We decide to cycle to Prague on the dedicated cycle path 18km one way. Brilliant arriving at Charles bridge 75 minutes later. Mike has a Czech hunter moment on the bridge (photo taken) and we have tea and a local soup in a loaf mmm lovely. Quick tourist day and really enjoyed it (it’s very busy). We get our bearings and decide to journey back the 18km. How fit are we? Tea and a rest then off to lidl for supplies. BBQ chicken with salads. Knackered then off to bed.
21 April 16
Happy 90th your majesty!
It’s a glorious sunny day. We are going to get the train into Prague today and stay for a meal and check out the Czech ‘bars’. Well efficient trains they are and so wide. It cost £2 return.
Mike has a plan to locate all the places of “interest” behind the station so off we go. They are ok but quiet. After a sandwich and apple in a green we head off back to Wenceslas square. We pick up tickets for a concert in St Giles church (where part of Amadeus was filmed) cheekily asking what age for senior discount. 60 she answered – yippee, we get a discount much to the surprise of the lady!
Let’s eat. Right in the heart of the main tourist drag. I’m having salmon and vegetables, mike decides to go Czech mmmmm he wasn’t impressed sausage, belly pork and chicken with bread dumplings 🙁 wine was nice though and whole thing came to £24. The concert was excellent but the church was so cold they had blankets to warm you up. Out at 9pm and a dash past amazing atmosphere everywhere to a gay bar with none. Glass of wine then train back to vlané. We both did over 20,000 steps today. Bed knackered. Sleep in tomorrow.
22 April 16
Up later and plan to go to Prague again on the train. First we need to fill up with diesel. We catch the 3pm train have lunch in a lovely square (goulash soup) I’m off to see the church and do site seeing leaving mike to shop. Across the Charles bridge with thousands of tourists. The rise up to the church is like montmatre in Paris. Once at the top the first thing was a Starbucks lol. Magnificent buildings creating courtyard after courtyard as you go further in to get to the church. Amazing. Couldn’t go in as something was on. Back down to meet mike at 7pm. We go for a meal on the floating boat looking across the river, great wine and food. Onto a bar called friends, very nice and beautiful bar staff. We have our picture taken which appears to be on their face book page already. Train back after a few wines.
23 April 16
Up to pack. The 4 nights and 2 returns to Prague cost £50 in total.! Off we go to near Passau. Great countryside through Czech then on to Germany into foothills of Alps. It’s definitely alpine with views to die for. Just a little scare with huge potholes on a duel carriageway. Being off main roads it was definately better but more tiring for Mike. We cross the border and pristine Germany appears. Campsite looks lovely in foothills of the mountains. Only 3 other people on this huge site. We decide to do nothing but recover.
24 April 16
We did nothing, except clothes washing and drying and a short walk where we encountered some beautiful llamas. Recharged our batteries, lovely.

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