European and UK adventure 2017 – 4. Benidorm to Sitges

European and UK adventure 2017

York, Broadway, Portsmouth, (Brittany Ferries), Santander, Burgos, Tordesillas, Salamanca, Toledo, Albecete, A. Benidorm, B. Peniscola/Benicarló, C. Sitges, l’estartit, Trèbes, St Antonio Noble Val, Sarlat, Brantôme, Ile de Ré, Erdeven, Bénodet, Roscoff, (Brittany Ferries to Portsmouth), Lydford, Truro, Tintagel, Tiverton, Gowerton, St David’s, Harlech, Bury, York
Wednesday 14, Thursday 15, Friday 16/6/17
A journey to unknown Spain. Peñiscola and Benicarló. We changed from our original site to camping Eden. This one scored 8.4. The site is very well sited just 250m from the beach, nice pool. And very good welcome meal with free wine. This resort has a massive beach front and the castle fortress at the end which was used in the 1961 film el cid. More recently game of thrones series 6. The old town is like Robin hoods bay in the sunshine, quite beautiful. Everyway you look you get picturesque views.
We had a cycle ride to benicarló port and a walk to the castle on the Thursday and today we get data roaming is as the uk, hurrah. Cycling in to tour the castle on Friday was brilliant AND we got 60’s discount. Really enjoyed the castle and the views from the top! Must look into the Templars when we get back.
Saturday 17/6/17
Sitges. So, here we are again ???? we even get our regular pitch. Three years on the trot. This site is mad and busy on weekends but quiet in the week. After a month away I decide to wash the dusty caravan from head to toe and lovely she looks too.
Fully set up and a stock up trip to Aldi and lidl, showers and a walk into town. Parrots followed by Queenz. We met Geoff C on his last night who told me about corpus sitges festival. And his suggestion for my sisters 60th birthday, which we book. We walk home grabbing a well deserved taxi half way home.
turning right out of the site we join the road in a cycle lane.after 300 yards we get to Sitges Camping with a detour to miss the roundabout. The green plastic hedge and bright orange letters on our right. Cross the road checking to the left and left over the main railway line. At the brow on the right is a small channel to go through. Freewheel down the hill, after 400 yards picking up a cycle lane on the right. Turn right at the pretty church with blue and white tiles, through the “purple tree” forest of Jacaranda with its unusual scents, and on through a tree lined residential street with really nice houses. Looking in front we are heading towards the monument dedicated to machine gunners. As you get to the monument and the sea go across the zebra crossing and turn left. The view is lovely with the lit church prominent in the distance. The promenade is smooth and reverts to grit as you get to the main town. We lock up. Lovely
Sunday 18/6/17
I get up and cycle into town. It is busy and all the streets are ablaze with wonderful coloured mosaics of flowers. I spend a happy hour looking around have a yoghurt ice and a water and head back. Curry night tonight. Repeat of last night except we cycle in and we re-establish our relationship with the night gate man. The site reverts to quiet mode as the weekenders go.
Monday 19/6/17
It’s quiet…. The pool was deserted, so 2 hours of bliss with a book and a swim. (The tan is coming on.) A very lazy day. Curry. Parrots. Queenz. Home.
Tuesday 20/6/17
Today we are going to lady diamonds cabaret night to start our anniversary celebration. Again a really quiet couple of hours at the pool. Cycle in, the view is lovely as you hit the front and travel towards the church. Nice meal and a fun night. lady diamond spoke to my niece Kimberley on speaker phone which was funny. Home by 1.30am.
Wednesday 21/6/17
Another nice day. We went into town in the evening and decided to try and find the hairdressers before having a drink. We find it and notice a very attractive young man going into a bar. It only turns out to be el piano and they had a great drag act from Sydney call Trevor Ashley. When I left I bumped into a classy hen party who I walked with to Queenz. QHad some fun with them and a dance. We had a good night.
Thursday 22/6/17
So mike wants a haircut and I want to swim in the ocean, so we go into the town with that purpose. It’s a very good barbers and a very good result. We have 3 coloured Hummus and pittas for lunch and I get a chance to enter the sea. Didn’t want to pay for the recliner and brollie at nearly £12. Back home and nice tea with gin and tonic, burgers, and hairy bikers rice mmmm. Town was fun in the evening having a jar at Parrots then onto Privilege for ‘pants on pants off’, which was fun with lady diamond. Henriqué the barman was beautiful and George from Dublin impressed lol. Onto Queenz and the lovely Mikey (in gold dickie and flowered brief trunks) to finish the night. Only mishap – Mike fell off his bike at the campsite gates ???? and hurt his arm.
Friday 23/6/17
Lidl today and a couple of hours at the warm pool. I finish my 4th book ‘A long way from heaven’
Saturday 24/6/17
A cycle in for the afternoon and have a snack after a walk around town. The campsite is getting very busy (really busy) it turns out to be a big festival, the night of fire (fireworks) to celebrate the shortest night. Sant Joan. Bonkers but good. We stay out later as the site will be mad all night. We met Wayne and Kevin from Northhampton in Queenz bar. They are on our campsite somewhere posh. Wayne is very nice, he’s 42 and botox probably has been used. They have a motor home (pictures were shown) it cost £100,000. We have been invited to dinner. Kevin is 53. I like them.
We did feel looked down upon (unintentionally I’m sure).
Sunday 25/6/17
…we were very late last night and bed at 6.30am ???? I washed and valeted the car which will last a day probably, until more dust arrives. Its really weird how things break in threes. First the kettle so we go and buy a kettle in town and a pressie for sis, then the lamp needs fixing and this evening we decide to give our bodies a rest from the alcohol and stay in. Flaming heck, The TV doesn’t work!!! Grrrrr! And no chance until we get home in September of a repair. No drink and a early nightish. Sis has her birthday tomorrow.
Monday 26/6/17
We’re up bright and early (it’s weigh in day) 92.9 ????. Lazy day, Mike does some washing as we get ready to meet Jan, Paul and the girls. We showered and cycle in all cool. Park the bikes and walk to the station to meet them off the train. It is so hot we were wringing wet when we meet at the station in town and have a walk down to the front before having a drink (Apperol Spritz) in central bar, then a short walk to Queenz. We have a reception drink and are shown to our table near the front. Four starters followed by a main of your choice and finish with four desserts. The cabaret was top quality. Wonder Woman was performing. Our favourite was Liza and the twirking black boy.
Really good night and a special birthday for Jan. We went into Queenz and Kimberley met lady diamond which was fun. A walk around the old town and then up to the bus stop for the night bus back to Barcelona.
Tuesday 27/6/17
La Voix preformed at Queenz with brilliant vocals.
Wednesday 28/6/17
Today we went to vilanova i la de Geltrú. Bought shirt (John) and shoes (mike) from Zara and a spit roast chicken from superpollo for tea. This was the best chicken I have tasted for years. There was a massive storm whilst we were there which has freshened things up a bit. Glad we are not under canvas though lol. Nice night out ‘el piano’ where there was a little too much dad dancing. Checked out Dark Bar (too rude and no one in) Ku Bar (no one in) on through the melé for a terrace drink at Parrots, then back to Queenz until closing. Booked Le Patio for Friday at 9pm
Thursday 29/6/17
We book a week on a narrow boat. 8/9/17. Very exciting. Good night out and back very late. Parrots, ‘pants off and on’, Queenz.
There was a massive thunderstorm at 4.30am with hailstones. The awning is under 1″ of water as we eat a bag of mixed nuts.
Friday 30/6/17
It’s the last day ????, we pack up the awning and everything we can ready for tomorrow’s journey. Everything is getting pine resin dripping onto it because of yesterday’s storm.
We have a nice meal at le Patio with great steaks and a burguille wine recommended by the sommelier. We say our farewells to Mikey, Alex and Dyck at 2am. We had a nice time here!S

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