Gongoozling at an Iconic canal location

Today we reached the junction of the Coventry Canal with the Trent and Mersey Canal which is the iconic Fradley Junction and is very popular with both boaters and visitors. We managed to find a mooring directly outside the The Swan pub which sits on the junction. We paid £5 for the privilege of our prime mooring which was worth every penny.

The junction is very busy as it is in the middle of a flight of locks. A flight is a number of locks one after another. This draws a lot of visitors who like to watch boats going through the locks whilst enjoying a walk along the canal and/or refreshments at either the The Swan Inn or the cafe at the Canal and River Trusts’ (CRT) Visitor Centre.

Opposite the CRT’s Visitor Centre is Fradley Pool’s Nature Reserve trail which is popular with visitors and has a boardwalk which allows you to get close to the plants and animals which inhabit the reserve.

Non-boating visitors who like to watch boats and canal activities are called ‘Gongoozlers ‘ The derivation of this word is unknown but is part of the special language that flourished amongst the working boaters in the 19th century and still used today.

After a long days cruise we decided to rest on the back of the boat with a glass of Aperol Spritz and gongoozle the Gongoozlers.

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