Guadalest medieval town

Traveling along the CV70 from Benidorm to Guadalest the mountains and vistas are quite spectacular and would give America’s Yosemite Park a run for its money. All along the road are almond trees with a soft pink blossom. The town is a popular tourist destination and you can tell why with all the incredible views.

Parking was €2 for the day and the tourist information gave out free maps of the old town with key instructions as to where to go so you get the maximum enjoyment. The old town is beautiful, in pristine condition and is free to wander around.

You have to pay to go up to the castle which was €4 for adults and €2 for children. This ticket takes you through a very well presented museum, the grand Orduña House which must has been quite something in such a small town.

Guadalest is well worth a visit, though I think at peak times it could be very busy. We visited on 23/2/18.

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