July 2018 diary

1 July 2018

Nice cruise today finishing after 6 locks and mooring above lock 12 on the Audlam flight. We had a nice Sunday lunch at the bridge pub.

Something banging under the boat every time we moved, water levels are dropping with the hot weather. The village of Audlem is a gem with every facility and a very handy coop. Union Jacks everywhere. Very pretty.

2 July 2018

We head off up the remaining flight to Market Dayton. At the top at lock 15 is a cake stall. We couldn’t resist (again), (absolutely delicious). Just before Market Drayton we call off to get a new gas bottle and fill up with deisel. Very helpful lady and very reasonable price. Settling in to Market Drayton we noticed a group of youths playing loud music, smoking pot and generally being unruly. We decide to move on and head up the last 5 locks. You have to have a clear exit from 5 to 4 as you can’t get a mooring at all. I arrive at lock 5 and notice our stupid old friend stuck in the pound with no means of getting out! He was charging his boat at the lock gates and the lock was full!. I help him out but it takes nearly an hour just to get everything set up. We moor at the top of the fight and I still ended up doing 22 locks this day again.

3 July 2018

Nice cruise today with no locks and England play Columbia tonight. We find a nice mooring and set up the TV. Good match but frustrating to watch at times.

4 July 2018

Another nice cruise to brewood village with only one lock. This village has everything. Several pubs, 2 supermarkets, 3 hairdressers, a butcher, a baker, a bistro, 2 boutiques really nice. We have BBQ pork and sausages with a salad and new potatoes. Delicious. The cutting is tree lined and cool.

5 July 2018

Off at 10.45am this morning and again only one lock leaving the Shropshire Union canal joining the Stafford and Worcester canal. We both enjoyed the Shropshire canal a lot and would highly recommend it. On our exit we turn left and onwards. The canal quickly turns very narrow at times. Luckily we met no boats coming the other way. The canal revert to open countryside apart from a large chemical plant and for periods coming close to the M6. We moor up at Gailey Wharf and wander down to the top lock and circular house/shop. The heat wave continues again touching 30 degrees.

6 July 2018

A slow start to today as boat after boat head towards the top lock and a 6 boat queue starts. Staying put we take the opportunity to book our nights in york before Edinburgh also getting appointments. We leave our departure until 11.30am but still get behind a training vessel which delays. A nice cruise all the same and a call in at a branch of Midland Chandlery before mooring at the closest point to Stafford. Tomorrow is the quarter final so we may stay till Sunday. We have roast dinners at the nearby pub? and wine. The whole meal £30.07, bargain. We had a fleeting 20 seconds of rain which hardly registered on the ground. The grass is brown now very reminiscent of 1976 and the long dry summer.

7 July 2018

Lazy day, hot sunny day and England v Sweden match at 3 pm which we won 2-0 🤞for the semi!

Mike cooked a chilli and we had a walk into Stafford. Nice enough but nothing special. Founded by Alfred the greats daughter around 940AD. And an amazing tall half timber house sadly next to the worst modern building ever, absolutely dreadful.

8 July 2018

Today we complete the Stafford and Worcester canal turning right onto the Trent and Mersey, heading south. It’s another very hot day and we get to Rugely to moor up. This is a former mining community ruined in the miners dispute of the 80’s. Ok town but a little sad. It has some amazing canal front gardens though and a very handy Morrison’s and Tesco very close to bridge 66. Uncomfortable hot night.

9 July 2018

Mike has arranged an oil change and called the chap who sorted his gland last week in Market Drayton. So we will be spending 2 days at Fradley junction at the head of the Coventry canal. A welcome bit of cloud today which cools everything down.

Afternoon tea by the canal was lovely

10 July 2018

Up late as the mechanic arrives at 11am. Nice day with a spring clean (summer clean) and a repeat of an afternoon tea, followed by a walk around a nature reserve which originally was a water pound for the Trent and Mersey craftily positioned downstream of the Coventry canal, so no chance of sharing the water lol

11 July 2018

Heading south with only 2 locks in Tamworth today and a pleasant journey. We moor up just past the town, excited for the England match 2-1😩. Hey ho, maybe next time. We have a discussion on the route we should take before rugby as we have 2 offshutes. One along the Ashby canal and the other completing the Coventry canal going right into the city centre. We choose the Ashby.

12 July 2018

11 locks today and an interesting journey. (The whole of the Coventry canal has only 13 locks). Evening meal at the Anchor Inn at Hartshill. Excellent food. The Black Forest trifle was amazing.

13 July 2018

No locks and a journey south through Nuneaton. Former slag heaps are interesting hills and now nature reserves. The town was not at all industrial as I expected and soon we are turning left on to the Ashby Canal. It is 30 miles long and again has no locks. Its appearance is very rural and the tow paths are mown grass. Very pretty and gentle on the eye. We did 9 miles along this canal before mooring up. Thunderstorms are expected but after battoning down all the hatches nothing more than a few drips. This summer is amazing.

14 July 2018

We venture up today to just past bridge 53 and turn around. On our return we moor up near bridge 33. A couple who had just moved onto their boat recommended the Dog and Hedgehog pub in the next village Dadlington. We’d give it a go. It was Saturday night. A walk along the towpath to bridge 32 and a half mile up into the village. Dadlington had a beautiful village green and the pub was lovely. Walking in we got a nice welcome but when we said we wanted to eat it was sorry we are fully booked.😩. We decided to have a drink and the manager said if we were prepared to wait he could find us a table.

The food was really good and the French onion soup truly the best. Our mains were chicken pie and lamb crown. Desserts Black Forest gateau and chocolate mousse and shortbread. Great staff with some personality. Excellent!

The Ashby canal was pretty but after a while it had no surprises, it just stayed the same, so finding this pub was a bonus. I think I like canals with locks.

15 July 2018

Today would have been my brothers 65 birthday, so happy birthday Bill!

I got up at 6am and got to work on doing the top right of the boat. By 10.30am it was done and we set off for a pump out. Oh The glamour.

We enter the Coventry canal again and head towards Hawksbury junction. This is the connection with the north Oxford canal and our final journey to Barby. The Greyhound pub at the junction has a great reputation and it is justified. Sunday lunch was ace. We decide we will walk into Coventry tomorrow along the canal to check out the canal basin for future visits. Nice day

16 July 2018

Lazy start today but off along the Coventry towpath by 11.30am. It was ok 90% of the time but sections were very dirty and rubbish everywhere. Half way we stopped off at a handy tkmaxx for a small shop. The route into the centre was ok and the basin secure and well kept. It also was close to the centre of Coventry which I thought was one of the best city centres. We will definitely come back here for a few days in the future. The Yard was the special interest pub and we had a light lunch. All very good.

Our plan later on was going to the greyhound after tea but at 10pm and a light shower – we didn’t.

17 July 2018

Journey back to Barby arriving at 5pm. We went to the shooting club for a meal. Really good. Clive and Alan from the marina joined us later. Very nice night 🍷

18 July 2018

Lazy start then into Braunston to buy a few things. Cratch floor tile replaced and floor painted. We are going into Birmingham to check out the canal centre tonight. It’s reasonable and on a busy time of year. 5 or 6 spaces. We also went to our special interest area. Eden was good and the walk back through china town lively. Had a bland Indian meal. The journey back was tedious as the M6 was closed so it was miles of detours.

19 July 2018

It’s pack up day ready for our journey north. The washing machine stopped and we had to manually empty the water ****! Clive came round to help and stayed for tea.

20 July 2018

Off by 9am. Good journey stopping in York to buy provisions and collect pills. We arrive at Scarborough by 3pm and set up reasonably quick. We are both tired. It’s pie and chips from the site caterers. Lovely. A few drops of rain.

21 July 2018

A walk into Scarborough today. Il divo are on at the open air theatre. £142 was a bit steep for 2 so will give it a miss.

Digby, Lyndon and the 2 dicks (2 chaps called Richard) were going to the concert, so we arranged to meet up at l’amour nightclub after. Very good night and back for 1.30am.

22 July 2018

Lovely hot day and a ride on the cycle path to ravenscar is the order of the day. Mike had to go back so I continued on and Mike followed later with the car. The tea rooms at Ravenscar is now under new ownership and it is very good. Back to Scalby and Sunday lunch at the local pub. 2 meals 1 dessert and bottle of wine £27. We got a discount code online with 33% off the food.

23 July 2018

We plan a drive today, so, Robin Hoods Bay, Whitby then packing things up ready to go back to York.

24 – 30 July 2018

We call into Ebor Leisure on our way to York to sort our warranty items and the squeaking floor. So, pulling into the site we put down the legs so the manager could appreciate the floor problem. hurrah! service booked for 2/11/18 🤞

Naburn marina for 7 nights. Great facilities and good access for cycling into York. They could do with a washing up area though. We had afternoon tea with Laurie which was really nice. our favourite bar The Drawing board was good, but arriving back at the caravan at 5:15am was bad!

31July 2018

Change to Andrews site (York Caravan Park) today. Pitch 41. Adults only so really good 👍. 2 loads of washing done before Edinburgh on Friday.

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