Limehouse Basin and 4 days in London

The journey to Limehouse was quiet but a lot of gongoozerlers created a theatre audience for us at every lock. The basin is large and after the final lock we negotiate around some very large vessels to the wall/pontoon and telephone the marina office. We are placed on a small jetty next to the pump out !* with a clear view of the Thames lock. It actually was ok. We head off to the grapes public house (see our previous entry) with our guests. It’s Sir Ian Mckellen’s pub with Gandalf’s staff behind the bar. Great beer, wine and food! We stayed for the pub quiz which is only on a Monday and didn’t embarrass ourselves coming roughly in the middle with a score of 29/42. (The winners got 38). We spent 6 very enjoyable hours there. Heck The boaters facilities in the marina are very good and not too unlike caravan site ones. Good showers and loos. (The sinks were slightly blocked though.) Feeling a lot more secure we leave the boat on Tuesday and head into the west end. Using the DLR. A visit to cineworld to see Elton John’s Rocketman in Leicester Sq. this was a very good but the film was spoiled by a lot of banging noises. It turned out it was the caterers in the adjacent corridor preparing for the premiere of a Godzilla film. Letting the manager know about this and how it did spoil the film we got 3 complimentary tickets. Our guests have all left having had a lovely cruise by Wednesday. We tidy the boat then it’s into town to have a few drinks and a meal at Le Garrick. Thursday morning we move the boat across to the “wall” where you can moor free for 24 hours. Why not.
'entering Camden Lock
'we feel famous

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