Los escullos camping – Cabo de Gata, Níjar natural park

Everyone has said “just drive through the huge poly tunnel vistas” because Cabo de Gata is worth it. As you enter the park the scenery returns to its natural state. This area has been preserved for over 30 years.

The entrance to the campsite is impressive and the new pool looks great. Reception good.

We were allocated a pitch that was too small but were allowed to choose any other available pitches. We fancied 173 or 132. 173 was booked (although in the two weeks we were here no one used it). 132 it was. We struggled to get the caravan onto the pitch and soon realised the awning was a no go. But as with most camping you compromise.

The showers and toilets are good, well maintained and clean.

For washing up it was cold water or fill up your wash bowl from the shower blocks.

I tried the gym which cost €2 for an hour. Ok but tired equipment.

Because the site is quite remote the social side revolves around the bar/restaurant. Mainly at happy hour; although some enterprising brits have organised a quiz night on Tuesday and a music night on Thursday. These were good fun.

The restaurant does pizzas (very good), most other food is ok but basic.

Elli, Lola and Javi were great staff adding to the occasions.

Around the site are some beautiful walks and amazing coast lines and beaches. We visited Nijar and climbed up to the steep watchtower. This wild nature park surrounding the site is full of surprise.

Yapping dogs were annoying and some building works noise with cement mixers etc. We visited in January/February 2018 and the weather was good but according to regulars cooler than normal.

WIFI was very good and free. Overall good, we will return next year.

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