Lower Heyford, Oxford Canal

We were informed that a good way of accessing Oxford was to moor up at Heyford Wharf near to the village of Lower Heyford on the Oxford Canal as the station is directly adjacent to the the bridge.
We found some really good moorings to the north of Bridge 206 only 2 minutes from the station. Oxford is only 13 minutes away on the train and was very inexpensive. Moorings are very difficult to find in Oxford and this is an ideal way of accessing the city of Oxford with its dreamy spires. There are about 6 to 10 trains each way every week-day and, in summer, about 4 each way on a Sunday. Ample for a days visit.
Beautifully sunny day as well for our visit.
Lower Heyford is a lovely Village only a short walk from the bridge and well worth a visit

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