Build History

Iron Butterfly’s build history

9th November 2015.

We arrived early at the boat as Dave had a few jobs he wanted to do and I wanted to do some cleaning and load

some items ready for next year, plus we wanted to check everything worked and the ‘snagging’ completed to our satisfaction.

Darren arrived at the appointed time armed with all the paperwork and certificates for the boat. He helped Dave anti-freeze the central heating system and then that was it; the boat was officially finished, at last!
Was it worth the wait…too damed right, she is everything we hoped she would be.

Darren is now working out of Glascote basin, having taken on the workshop. His first job, a fit out, gained off the back of the Iron Butterfly.

6th November 2015.

All the snagging has been completed. so we arranged to meet Darren at the boat on Monday for the official handover.

4th November 2015.

The gas certification was done today along with the Declaration of Conformity.

2nd November 2015.

Darren rang to say he had found the leak and fixed it. the shower pump connection was dripping. He was starting on the other bits of ‘snagging’.

31st October 2015.

Another mild, fine day. Dave and I packed up our things to go home and moved anything left aboard out of the way of water pipes as Darren is working on the boat on Monday. Troy came to pick us up, he found the owner very abrupt when he asked “who are you” even though we had reported that he would be arriving, luckily Dave appeared and all was well.

30th October 2015.

A wet start as predicted but by 11am we were on our way, although it felt damp in the air it was dry and a little windy. At Hillmorton locks we met another boat, a single handed Muslim. These three locks are single but in pairs, so once I had set ours, I set for the other boat as well, he was grateful as he reckoned it was hard work alone; so browny points for me, I hope Allah will smile on me now!

We stopped for diesel at Hillmorton Wharf where the wind made things a little awkward but Captain Dave handled the boat with expertise.

Next stop our winter mooring at Barby Marina, purely chosen on price. As we turned in Dave said “is that a Llama”, I thought he was jesting, but no, on an island in the marina were three Alpacas.

We telephoned the office to announce our arrival and were quickly shown to our space where we were breasted up in a long line, bow first, ideal for the winter months.

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