Oxford – great day out, TERRIBLE FOOD

Head of the river terrace, lunch

Fullers. Tapas £18. Consisted of 6 green olives, 2 pieces of dry bread, 1 pitta cut in half, cold meat balls with a warm tomato sauce, chewy and tough battered calamari, boring potatoes brava and a tasty chorizo. The bread and pitta were dry and served no purpose as there were no dips. This was really poor.

Cinnamon Kitchen, Westgate, evening

The Top floor terraces on the new Westgate centre are stunning. But, what a disaster.

Firstly, this restaurant looks very chic with fabulous views over the towers of Oxford. The staff are more than welcoming and sorted our order out in an efficient way. We were given free tasters of corn cake with coriander purée. I ordered the seafood biryani. The seafood consisted of baby squid and little else, they were very chewy and inedible, (why put seafood if it is only squid?) I asked if I could change and thought I would have the chicken tikka as my partner was happy with this. The waiter suggested the Pollock. I went with his suggestion. This came and again was inedible as it was too salty. I ordered a Mango and pistachio kulfi which came so frozen as to be impossible to cut. I cut into it and it flew across the floor. My fault.

The manager was very apologetic and agreed with our problems agreeing that the seafood biriani had been having issues and the Pollock was too salty. He offered to try and redeem his restaurant reputation on our next visit. We were not charged for the food.



2 thoughts on “Oxford – great day out, TERRIBLE FOOD”

  1. Well this is your first negative food crit, so glad that you didn’t have to pay. Are you going to give them a second chance?

    1. I think we will Beryl. We’re planning to go back to Oxford next year on our trip to the Thames and London

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