Pause in travels

In October 2020 our travels came to a sudden end! Only for a temporary period we hope.

Michael slipped whilst stepping off Iron Butterfly onto the jetty at our home marina (probably on some duck poo) and landed in the water between the boat and jetty and broke his leg in the process.

University Hospital Coventry did some amazing work putting the leg back together again and after 10 days we went back to our home in York where we have been ever since

Obviously this event plus lockdown has prevented our usual winter trip to Spain in the caravan and delayed the start of our narrow boating summer season.

I am pleased to report that the leg has healed well and we hope to start our trips again in late May 2021 after the lifting of lockdown restrictions

We hope normal service on this website will start again in late May or early June 2021

We hope you all are well and keep safe 😀

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