Retirement – really?

I always thought…… my retirement would be so different.

The last 4 weeks have changed everything.
One week on the Leeds Liverpool canal hiring a boat from Silsdon boats. Getting back on the 18/9/17, then ringing James at Rugby boats on 19/9/17, “let me know if you get a boat of quality in” I say. James rang back almost immediately “we have one coming in tomorrow”. We arrange to see Iron Butterfly on the 20/9/17, fall in love with her, and offer the asking price before she went on the market.
Decision made. We are going to give up our flat in the center of York. Live part of our life on the boat (April to October) and tour Spain in the winter months in the caravan. Our possessions will go into storage. Simple and we have 8 weeks to sort it all out as we head to London for our annual stay at Crystal Palace Caravan Club site on the 22/11/17.

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