Santander – El Molina de Cabuérniga

Words fail me ???? after one hours drive from the Santander ferry we have just arrived at our first site in Spain, El Molina de Cabuérniga in the middle of nowhere.

The drive into the site was extremely tight and we had to walk the van down the lane. A builder had dumped gravel across the entrance road which didn’t help.

Arriving at the gate. The site was deserted. Everything in the dark, it started raining, what to do? We had to get power as it was so cold. We had a look around and decided to pitch up outside the toilet block where we assumed there would be some power points? Seriously this is so bad. I hope Caravan Club speak to them.

We find some power and toilet lights in the rain.

It’s also very cold, we didn’t sleep that well as the site is so remote. We get up and leave having not seen a soul.

Not a good experience. Never again!

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