Skittles in Stoke Bruerne

On the third night of our trip we have moored at Stoke Bruerne in Northamptonshire after navigating Blisworth Tunnel the third longest in the country. This canal town is probably one of the best unspoilt Canal villages in the country and is the home of the Canal and River Trust Canal Museum which has many interesting and educating exhibits.

Stoke Bruerne also has examples outside of the various items that can be found on canals and an audio guide is available for all of these from locks to tunnels and warehouses and, of course, pubs.

We decided to have a walk after our evening meal on board and ended up in the The Boat Inn. What a lovely bar with a magnificent range of real ales. These two wine drinkers were seduced into drinking local beer and it made a nice change.

We started chatting to some local ale drinkers and eventually found ourselves playing Northamptonshire Skittles. A bit like ten pin bowling but only 9 skittles and you throw (underarm) small wooden ‘cheeses’ to knock over the skittles. We ended up each partnering two local gents ( mine turned out to be an ex EHO the same profession I started my career in Local Government 43 years ago.

A wonderful time was had by all and we met some lovely local characters. A typical fun night in a Canal Side pub.

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