Summer is here?

Well we are here on the boat and having a delicious summer salad in the cratch of the boat

A cratch is a well deck at the front of the boat raised from the floor level of the cabin. We have benches fitted over useful storage lockers along the side and a fold up table so we often use it for eating in the open air Ours has a cover over it so it can be used in rainy weather as well

Our cratch with the decorative front boards and cover in place

John’s excellent ham salad was enjoyed together with an outstanding bottle of Ribero del Duero, from our favourite wine region of Spain. We can highly recommend it and is currently available from Sainsburys

An excellent wine from Sainsbury’s

Towards the end of the meal we were joined by the neighbours who brought their kids along to introduce them.

The neighbours

The day ended with very calm weather (unusual for this breezy marina) and a beautiful sunset

I hope we are giving you a taste of how blissful this boating life is.

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