American rail holiday – 6

20 June 2013
Breakfast on the train then bus to Niagra. Great rooms again then a quick freshen up before a walk to the waters edge. Wow that water can move.

Further down the mighty American falls. In the distance the Canadian horseshoe falls. […]

American rail holiday – 3

11 June 2013

Nice trip to the Hoover Dam.

What a fantastic achievement although 9\11 has a lot to answer for….

We had to offload all our luggage in a hotel room 5 miles away as no luggage was allowed on the dam in case of it being explosive. […]

American rail holiday – 2

American adventure 2013 – chapter 2
8 June 2013 (he didn’t by the way).Travelled to Oakland to catch train to Merced we travelled on the double motorway bridge that collapsed in the earthquake of 1989 its nearly 2 miles long and we were on the lower deck. […]

American rail holiday – 1

American adventure 2013 – Chapter 1
5 June 2013
Up at 7am then underground to Heathrow. Found booking extra leg room is the best way to travel on Virgin. Well done Mikey standard Virgin would have been hell. […]

American rail holiday – Prologue


American adventure 2013 – Prologue

Great Rail Journeys- Trans American rail tour

How lucky can two people be?

4 June 2013

We had a great journey to London (the original train was cancelled) but because mike is so organised and always gets us there early we […]

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